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Brain Injury Program

Frazier Rehab InstituteAt Frazier Rehab Institute, the Brain Injury Program provides intensive, comprehensive services designed to prevent or minimize disability, while restoring the person to optimal levels of physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning.

A brain injury or illness can be devastating for both patients and family members. The results can mean dramatic changes in a person’s mental, emotional and physical functioning.

Frazier’s Brain Injury Program, which is accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities), addresses the long-term impact of brain injury and offers the most complete continuum of rehab services in Kentuckiana. Involvement begins when the admission coordinator visits patients in the acute care hospital setting, wherever possible, to begin educating the families and preparing for the patients to enter rehab.

Patient Testimonials

Watch a recent documentary on the dangers of texting while driving was filmed partly at Frazier Rehab Institute in downtown Louisville.

Program Goals and Benefits

  • To provide a formally organized program for support and advocacy for the brain injured individual and family.
  • To educate families to understand the effects of the brain injury and the recovery process.
  • To improve behavioral problems, address personality changes, and educate the patient and family about self-awareness deficits associated with brain injury through psychological intervention and an interdisciplinary approach.
  • To improve the patient’s thought processes, memory skills, perception and judgement through cognitive retraining activities.
  • To encourage active participation and education of the patient’s family through attendance at the patient’s therapy sessions, when appropriate, and through routinely scheduled family teaching sessions.
  • To develop a comprehensive discharge plan for the patient by working closely with the patient and family to identify needed resources and services and make appropriate referrals.
  • To promote maximum independence in reintegration to home and the community.

Types of Brain Injury Treated

Frazier Rehab Institute’s Brain Injury Program offers comprehensive services to traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury patients of all ages and at all stages of recovery – from coma to mild brain injury. Our rehab team has clinicians specializing in treatment of pediatric and adult brain injuries, including:

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Click here for a copy of our Brain Injury Caregiver Handbook

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Before You Choose . . .

Know that Frazier Rehab Institute offers an accredited, interdisciplinary Brain Injury Program accredited by CARF and backed by a team of experienced professionals.

For more information about the Brain Injury Program or any services of Frazier Rehab Institute, please call .

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