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KentuckyOne Health Louisville Area Facilities Wellness Committee

Helping You Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's HealthCare Wellness Committee: helping you live a healthier lifestyleIt's simple, your health is important to us. As an employee, we want you to feel your best. We are exposed every day to the impact of health issues, not only to the patient, but to their entire family. Many illnesses and their sometimes devastating results, could have been prevented. As health care providers, it is important we take care of ourselves first, so we are better prepared to take care of others.

That being said, we are all different. What works for one, may not work for another. The goal of the Wellness Committee is to promote a culture of wellness to improve the lives of those who serve, our team members. The committee is going to accomplish this by empowering all team members to live healthy lifestyles through sustainable and accessible programs with achievable goals and positive results.

See past Wellness Insights for exciting projects the Wellness Committee is working on for you.

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