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Ethical & Religious Directives

Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services (JHHS) Distinctives/Catholic Ethical & Religious Directives:

The JHHS Distinctives developed in 2004 are:

  • Standards of best medical practice and the best interest of the patient shall always prevail.
  • Kosher food service shall always be available.
  • Joint Venture Company shall employ a Jewish Chaplain to oversee the religious practices and sensitivities of the JHHS providers.
  • Mezuzahs will always be affixed to all major doors of ingress and egress.
  • The Jewish Sabbath shall always be respected.
  • Jewish major holidays will always be observed and celebrated.
  • Other non-Jewish religious holidays will be respected but shall not be celebrated and displayed.
  • The Jewish Hospital Chapel will always remain Jewish but shall be available to people of all faiths.
  • New facilities that may be developed in the future will not be Jewish or Catholic and shall bear no religious symbols such as the Star of David or a cross but may contain displays respectful of the heritage and tradition of JHHS and CARITAS.
  • The Four Courts Senior Citizen Center shall always retain its Jewish identity in the future to at least the same standard as of the Effective Time.
  • Patient care shall always be accessible to all including Jews regardless of their ability to pay consistent with the charity policies of Joint Venture Company.
  • Special consideration in the future through the Jewish Federation shall be given to requests by the Jewish community. Current levels of assistance the Jewish Community and its organizations shall be maintained in accordance with Section 14.3(a) of this Agreement as long as it is financially possible. Assistance will be provided by Joint Venture Company directly or as a mission related contribution.

          Current areas of assistance include:
    • Health and dental insurance coverage.
    • Federation's Major Gift dinner.
    • Current shared staffing arrangements.
    • Newspaper advertising in the Community Newspaper

The Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Facilities can be found at the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:


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