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Dionne's Safe Patient Handling & Bariatric Rehab

Date: 2/22/2014
Time: 8am Speaker(s): Michael Dionne, PT
Continuing Education Unit Hours: 8

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Event Contact(s):
Rebecca Richmond, MPH, CPH
Rehab Continuing Education Coordinator


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Course Objectives

The course participant will be able to:
1) Define obesity and identify high risk individuals based upon body type,
2) Identify patient needs and mobility challenges
3) Identify transfer devices and safe techniques within the Lift Free Zone,
4) Perform effective equipment prescription.


Occupational Therapists
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
Physical Therapists
Physical Therapy Assistants

Schedule of Program- February 22, 2014

I. Sensitivity: (45 min)
A. Neglect / Abandonment
B. Staff Fear / Patient Rights

II. Lift Free Zone &
The Paper Trail (60 min)

III. Cardiac & Respiratory: (30 min)
A. Obesity Defined

IV. Evaluation & Pathway: (60 min)
A. Anasarca, B. Body Types
C. Strength/ROM, D. Posture
E. Skin, F. Pathway

V. Mobility: (75 min)
Basic techniques of mobility.

VI. Transfers: “Lift Free Zone” (75 min)
A. Manual techniques
B. 4 key indicators of equipment
C. Mechanical devices organized
D. Floor / bathroom transfers

VI. Bed Prescription: (45 min)

VIII. Bathroom Equipment

Transfer Surfaces (15 min)
Applications ADL (15 min)
IX. Assistive devices (30 min)
A. Compensatory patterns
B. Guarding / Screening Techniques

X. Wheelchair Prescription: (30 min)

XI. Questions

Program includes two, 15-minute breaks and a one-half hour lunch on your own.

Registration is 7:30 to 8 am Course begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm

Event Pricing

Professional $195.00
St. Joe, VNA, ULH employees $156.00



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