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Physician Headlines


Jan. 24, 2014


With your guidance and leadership our new brand has emerged


The KentuckyOne Health Board of Directors spent considerable time and discernment on the topic of KentuckyOne Health branding. With the engagement of physician and operational leadership and presentations by the marketing department on the critical nature of strategic branding, a clear plan for KentuckyOne Health’s brand emerged. Read more…


What ICD-10 means to you



ICD-10 coding will change how you document patient care. Telling a more complete story will mean including the specific description that translates to ICD-10 codes. Read more…


New to KentuckyOne Health Partners (Clinically Integrated Network)


One women’s health practice: Dr. George Veloudis with Kentucky Fertility and Gynecology in Lexington. To refer to this practice, call


For more information on our clinically integrated network including details on how providers may join, call or visit KentuckyOneHealthPartners.org.


KentuckyOne Health Transplant Care Clinic now open in Lexington


KentuckyOne Transplant Care is bringing the expertise of the Trager Transplant Center at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, also part of KentuckyOne Health, to central Kentucky through a new specialty clinic in Lexington. Read more…


SafetyFirst initiative 


Zero patient harm by 2020 is only possible with your help.  


 Poor penmanship = poor patient care

Does this say 12.5 mg or 2.5 mg?

Even though it looks like 12.5 mg, it is actually 2.5 mg.


Illegible handwriting and incomplete notes jeopardize patient safety. Writing legibly is a simple way we can make our care safer for our patients. Read more…


Safety article: In a 1986 study from the New England Journal of Medicine, out of 50 outpatient progress notes, 16% of all words were illegible. That means that almost one out of every six words could not be deciphered. Read more


KentuckyOne announces engagement in internet directory program


KentuckyOne Health is excited to announce our new online Healthgrades Patient Direct Connect® (PDC) program scheduled to launch Feb. 13. This program is an internet-based directory that connects patients to physicians and targeted health care services. Being a part of this directory supports KentuckyOne Health’s mission, and serves to identify affiliated physicians and clinical practitioners as members of our medical staff. Read more…


Allscripts implementations continue across KentuckyOne Health


As of Jan. 8, the third wave of Louisville market practices and the second wave of acquired practices in central and eastern Kentucky are live on the Allscripts Enterprise Ambulatory Electronic Health Record (AEHR). Those practices that went live on Dec. 4 reported a smooth and successful go-live. Read more…

What the Meaningful Use announcement means for KentuckyOne Health


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a proposal for a new Meaningful Use timeline for Stage 3. Under the proposed revised timeline, Stage 2 would be extended through 2016 and Stage 3 would begin in 2017 for those providers who have completed at least two years in Stage 2. But for KentuckyOne hospitals and providers, nothing changes. Read more….


Benefits Update: Delay in coverage for contraceptive services & prescriptions


For KentuckyOne Health employees that are covered under the medical and prescription drug benefit plan for 2014, a delay has occurred disrupting access to contraceptive prescription drug coverage as mandated by Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Women’s Preventive Health Services Mandate. Please see the attached FAQ document for more background on this mandate and how it applies to you. Read more…




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