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Common Changes Following Brain Injury

Coping with a brain injury can be difficult not only for the patient, but also for those closest to them. A person coming to Frazier for brain injury rehab is usually showing physical, cognitive, emotional, social and/or behavioral changes. The individual with a brain injury may not be responding to others, or may be confused and agitated. The person may be saying things that he/she normally would not be saying and might be having memory problems. The person might not be able to walk or swallow.

There are many different problems a person with a brain injury might experience. Because no two people with brain injuries exhibit exactly the same impairments or problems, the Brain Injury Program offers a wide range of services to cope with physical impairments, behavioral problems, personality changes, confusion, memory loss and more.

Despite the differences, there are predictable patterns of recovery that most people with a brain injury typically experience. The Brain Injury Program utilizes the Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Recovery Scale as a guideline for progression of the treatment plan. Our team understands brain injury recovery and we teach the family to have an ongoing understanding of the patient’s level of recovery and the best intervention approaches at each stage of recovery.


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