JHSMH Rewarding Referrals Program Guidelines

Rewarding Referrals is a program designed to encourage team members to refer candidates to JHSMH for employment with the organization. The program seeks to recognize and thank team members who participate in the recruitment process by making openings known in their community, directing interested individuals to the application process and supporting new hires during their first 90 days.

All full-time and part-time employment vacancies are assigned a Rewarding Referral award value when posted. The award will be in the form of JHSMH AwardperQs. When a current team member refers a candidate to apply for a full-time or part-time position with JHSMH, they may be eligible to earn AwardperQs if their candidate is hired. The candidate MUST list the team member as the referral sources on their initial online application.

Reward Referral AwardperQs will be deposited to the team member’s JHSMH R*E*W*A*R*D*S account when the new hire successfully completes 90 days of employment. JHSMH AwardperQs can be used to shop an extensive catalog of items that meet a wide range of interests.


NOTE: AwardperQs are converted to non-cash taxable fringe benefit status and applicable taxes must be withheld for a portion of the value.  This tax withholding transaction is processed through payroll and will appear on your paycheck voucher after the points are deposited to your online account.   If you chooses not to receive the AwardperQs points after receiving this notification, you may opt-out by responding to this notification within 5 days of receiving this notification.


Who can earn Rewarding Referral awards:

  • All full-time, part-time and PRN team members (below director level) who refer a candidate for employment with JHSMH
  • Managers and supervisors referring candidates to departments other than their own

Who is not eligible:

  • Human resources team members who are directly involved in the hiring process
  • Candidates/Applicants who have been interns, agency employees or “travelers” for one year prior to their start date
  • Candidates referred by a search firm



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