Inpatient (Acute Rehab) Program

Known for its world-class care in comprehensive acute rehabilitation, Frazier Rehab Institute’s new 135-bed inpatient unit combines state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to provide a wide array of services with the common goal of helping people with disabilities reach their fullest potential.  Located on Frazier’s 10th floor is the Inpatient Spinal Cord Medicine Unit, a 28-bed acute rehab unit featuring private suites and baths, with a dedicated therapy gym and dining area. 

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A multidisciplinary treatment team specializing in spinal cord medicine and led by a rehab physician board certified in spinal cord medicine will follow each patient daily throughout their stay at Frazier.  Upon admission patients can expect to be seen by the Physical and Occupational Therapists who will complete a comprehensive assessment and begin to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan.  An evaluation of the patient’s resources and support system will be provided to the treatment team by the Care Coordinator and will continue to be updated as the patient and treatment team move toward discharge home.   Dietary, Pulmonary Therapy, Speech Therapy, Recreational Therapy and Psychology services are available and will evaluate each spinal cord medicine patient.  A spinal cord medicine Nurse Coordinator will follow each patient overseeing nursing care and providing education to patients and their families. 

Patients will participate in Frazier’s spinal cord medicine educational program, which is designed to give patients and families critical information about self care management, community resources, academic and vocational opportunities, adjustment to spinal cord injury/impairments, leisure and sports activities, and wellness over the life span. Our spinal cord medicine educational program is a key component to successful community reintegration and transition to home.

Prior to discharge a team and family meeting will be held consisting of the entire treatment team (led by the Attending Rehab Physician) and the patient/family.  Discharge plans, treatment priorities and patient and family concerns are discussed openly and if needed appropriate changes are made to ensure a successful discharge.  The Care Coordinator will oversee discharge planning services and will set up needed equipment and follow-up services. 

As the patient transitions home and to outpatient services, the Rehab Physician, Care Coordinator and the Clinical Nurse Coordinator will continue to provide support and will follow the patient throughout their lifespan and will be available by phone if questions or concerns arise.  Patients will be scheduled to follow up for comprehensive medical management through the Frazier Rehab Outpatient Spinal Cord Medicine Clinic, where all the special needs of the spinal cord medicine patient can most effectively be met. 

Frazier’s Spinal Cord Medicine Program is one of the nation’s leading acute inpatient rehabilitation programs.  Our multidisciplinary approach to care provides individualized treatment and support designed to maximize functional recovery.

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