What is a Model System?

The Model Spinal Cord Injury System program, sponsored by the National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) supports innovative projects and research in the delivery, demonstration and evaluation of medical, rehabilitation, vocational and other services to meet the needs of individuals with spinal cord injury.  NIDRR names fourteen centers in the United States as spinal cord model injury systems.  To be named as a model system, Frazier Rehab, along with the other thirteen centers across the nation, must demonstrate comprehensive service from emergency care to acute care to rehabilitation to ongoing clinics.  In addition, they must undergo an evaluation of services and be able to disseminate information found to patients, the community and professional organizations to name a few.

Once selected, each model system contributes data on all patients to the national database to determine trends, conduct a site specific research project as well as involvement in module projects.



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